Dr. Mike Rosebush


Side B Phone Chats

Simple, Safe, So accessible


You and I are Christian men who have same-sex attraction (SSA) and believe sex is only for a husband and his wife. We identify as “Side B gay/SSA Christians.” We need more than a label.


Side B Phone Chats adds more. More to the texting, tweeting, and messaging in which you already utilize; more to the reading of blogs, hearing podcasts, and watching helpful clips.


Loneliness hurts. Talking helps. And, “take-as-much-time-as-you-need” chats will help even more.


My 50 years of making sense out of my same-sex attraction has been challenging. My 40 years of providing counseling, coaching, mentoring, and friendship, however, have been easy.


And, rest assured, I do not believe in changing a person’s sexual orientation. I already tried that failed experiment; perhaps you did too.


Instead, I listen. Listen long, listen well. I am eager to hear your unique story; to let you process out loud; to be there when it hurts – and also when you want to rejoice.


This is so simple; so accessible. And, of course, it is free. Click on the CONTACT button below, then give me your name and phone number. Or, become a “friend” to me on Facebook, then “message” me a request for a phone chat. We could be conversing 5 minutes from now!


If you need a little nudge to start chatting, read my blog (on this website) entitled “Just a Phone Call Away.” I suspect the article will hit home with you.


Talk with you soon.




Evangelical Man, Same-Sex Attraction

Evangelical Man, Same-Sex Attraction