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Dr. Mike Rosebush


Phone Conversations

Hello. You are a Christian man who believes in the traditional Biblical sexual ethic and sanctity of marriage, plus you have same-sex attraction (SSA); me too. People like us are referred to as “Side B SSA/gay Christians.”


I provide accessible, safe phone conversations to assist your journey as an SSA/gay man whose primary identity is in-Christ.


And, rest assured, I do not believe in changing your sexual orientation. In fact, I do not want to change you at all – I want to encourage you to thrive in your Spirit-given gifts (e.g., kindness; gentleness; compassion; etc.) as you provide Christlike love to all others.


Learning new content (e.g., reading blogs, Twitter, and Facebook comments; hearing podcasts; watching clips) about people like us is terrific! And enjoying a phone conversation with someone who understands about being a Side B SSA/gay Christian additionally helps you explore and synthesize your thoughts. Humbly, I have been a Side B SSA/gay Christian since ~2007 and have 30+ years of professional work as a phone counselor and coach.


Some of you are just beginning your Side B SSA/gay journey. In contrast, some of you have been leaders of an LGBT+ ministry for years. Regardless, everyone gets lonely – it hurts. We can also get unsettled, even discouraged, at times. Reading, listening, or watching more stuff can definitely help. And yet, for many Side B SSA/gay Christians, their situation makes it virtually impossible to talk; to have an actual conversation with someone who understands.


If you need a little nudge to begin that needed conversation, I encourage you to read my blog (on this website) entitled “Just a Phone Call Away.” I suspect the article will hit home with you.



Hello. Your evangelical church may be “frozen” regarding the topic of “homosexuality” – too intimidated, lacking compassion, or unconfident to say or provide anything. I can ease your distress by serving as your guide on matters pertaining to SSA. Imagine: SSA and straight Christians, collectively providing Christlike love and their gifts to build up the Church. Indeed, that can happen!


Let’s get started.




Evangelical Man, Same-Sex Attraction

Evangelical Man, Same-Sex Attraction